Swim Central is the administration body that brings local and national swim events into one centralised portal. Swimmers wishing to take part in events using Swim Central have to register for annual membership which then enables you to use the system to enter events and track results.

It isn't super intuitive to set up but the following guide should take you step-by-step through the process to set up membership, then enter events. And once you've been through the set up, future event entry will be much easier.

Setting up your login

Go to swimcentral.swimming.org.au and click on Sign In. You'll see the below screen and click on Register.

This will give you the following screen.

Enter a new Swim ID (email address) and a Password (make a note of it) then click Register. You'll see the following confirmation screen. Please find the email and verify your address now otherwise you won't be able to complete the process.

Once you have verified your address you'll see a confirmation screen which prompts you to return to sign in. That is you now set up as a user.

Setting up your profile

Click on Sign In and enter your recently set up Swim ID and Password. You'll get a Terms and Conditions screen to agree to.

Click agree and you'll get a profile screen as below.

Enter your profile details (can ignore the last three fields unless appropriate). Then click Home button in top right of screen and you should see screen as below.

Set up Family

From Home screen, click on Family Set Up and you'll be prompted to set up Family.

Enter a name for your family group, enter a PIN and then confirm to see the screen below.

Click on Add Dependant and enter brief details. There is no need to complete full profile if you don't want to.

You can then add other swimming family members as required.

Buy Membership

IMPORTANT! Ensure that you have selected the correct family member (Dependant) before purchasing membership. 

From the Home page select Shopping to get the screen below. In the search field type Brooke Withers and select Brooke Withers Swim Club + WASA.

The following page displays the membership details you have selected. If happy, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Add to Trolley.

Then select the appropriate age category of 8 and under or over 9. Then add to trolley.

The click on Go to Trolley.

Then Checkout. That is your membership purchased for that swimmer. You can then select another dependant and follow the same process to set up additional memberships.

Event Entry

You've set up your profile and bought membership so you should be all set up to now enter events. Sign in and you may need to enter your PIN.

Select My Family from the home screen and select the family member you want to enter into event.

Then click on Events icon and you'll see the Events Calendar.

Find the date of the event you want to enter and click on the day to reveal that day's events. (It only displays ones that the nominated swimmer is eligible to enter)

Click on the event you want to enter and you get details of the event.

Click nominate and you will get the next screen confirming that the swimmer is eligible to enter that event.

Click next and you'll be presented with a list of the races at that event.

Scroll through and add the relevant events to your trolley and proceed to payment.

Congratulations, now you just need to turn up and swim 🙂